Advanced Portscanner




Advanced Portscanner

Rewritten NetBIOS and MAC address retrival – now communication with NetBIOS is implemented directly using TCP/IP, no microsoft NetBIOS function callsRewritten draw engine to update window every 1/2 second – this reduce flicker and improve overall speed.added more accurate port scan timingmultithread engine rewritten – instant scan stopfixed bug with font changed while window is morphedNow scanner starts in “Scan range” mode with class C subnet as targetports grouped into “open ports” and “closed ports” branchesadded slider and comments for visual select of threads numberAdd and update on ports and IP’s now shows dialogs for easy value input.Auto-detection of intersecting ports and IP ranges with prompt to correct values.options subsystem is rewritten – tabulations now work fine and hotkes are available.added scripring export – see help for details.

FIXED bug with wrong computer/NetBIOS names. it’s origin was bug in Windows XP without Service Pack,so OS is detected at startup, warning is generated, andspecial options implemented – “Single-thread NetBIOAnames scan” that prevents NetBIOS names to be scanned multithread. This will solve the problem if you haveWinXP without Service Pack.Added option to set default scan targetports scan progress now shown in computer scan results caption, “ports” branch is removedICQ: :


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