Andromeda Botnet V2.06 ALL plugins




Andromeda Botnet V2.06 + ALL plugins Argueably the most stable botnet out there of all time, sure the bought version is more stable, however here is the andromeda, it is very stable if i must say my opinion.

S E T U P SECTIONHow to set up it1. Upload /Panel files to Create one mysql db.3. Upload f.pack, r.pack and s.pack from /Plugins folder in: directory. (Optional if you want plugins)4. chmod 777, chmod 777 directory5. Open in your browser Login with default creditials: admin:admin7. Paste rc4 key to andromeda installation page: d40e75961383124949436f37f45a8cb68. Fill up all instalation page with your admin user and pasw, plus mysql details >> click ‘Install’9. After installation is done open in your browser Delete and Open Builder.exe > change host to: and build your bin.12. For enable plugins just go in panel > menu > tasks > add taskTask type = Install pluginUrl= ‘Enabled’ and add your task, do the same for each plugin. = your host, it’s basically your domain if anyone got confused, for example for me it would be: instead of, to each his own.ICQ: :


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