Backdoor based on legitimate software , Hidden RDP, Bypass UAC, Bypass NAT



I represent to your attention a backdoor on the basis of legitimate software – Visconti Backdoor!
Soft on the basis of Remote Utilities (RUT)
Backdoor is installed secretly, being fixed in the system as legitimate software


Some Information:

1. Work around NAT
2. Dropper part on C
3. Hidden installation (all windows of the legitimate version are completely cut out)
4. Full support for Windows XP Vista 7 8 8.1 10 x86-64 as well as server systems
5. Management is carried out in the client
6. Standard MSI is not used, is put on a straight line, thereby not leaving superfluous marks
7.Does not firewall
8. Does not call UAC
9. Your customer design
10. Portable client version
11. Uninstaller
12.Connect through official developer servers
13.ID for connection sends to email (Computer name, username, ID)
14.Connect through dedicated servers (IDs are displayed in the panels on the server)
15.Working with user rights (at startup HKCU)
16. Registry branch is not standard. Disguised as another legitimate software, not suspicious of the user or system administrator.
17. When installing, only one process is raised.
18. Client languages: Russian, English, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese-Brazilian, Spanish, Turkish
19. Mobile client versions (Android / iOS)
20. Gluing with any file (when you launch .exe, your file and the dropper will start)
21. The ability to disable UAC (win 7, 8, 8.1, 10)


Cleaning from detections, Lifetime license(with updates), RDP Module, Rebuild


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1.Manage and view the screen (displays video, quality settings)
2.Supports Aero in Windows 7 (high quality display)
3.Support multimonitor systems and terminal users (you can choose a user to follow, if there are several)
4. Capture webcams (if several can be selected) and capture audio (speakers microphone) (from minuses, admin rights are needed)
5. command line (CMD console)
6. File manager (upload / download / delete / create)
7. Run files
8. Capture, transfer clipboard
9. Task manager with the ability to terminate services, processes, etc.
10. Registry Editor
11. Inventory (collecting complete system and hardware information)
12. Record screen on schedule
13.Send a message to the desktop
14. Chat
15. Shutdown, PC reboot, sleep mode, monitor off ..
16. Keypad, screen lock

Cleanliness maintained constantly:
The kit includes: Build, Admin (Viewer), Manual for use in .doc, Product Documentation, Uninstaller build from the system. Everything is transmitted in a configured and ready to work form. You do not need to install the software on the server, etc.

RDP module:

Advantages of a parallel RDP session:
1. Standard Microsoft RDP protocol is used.
2. Does not require reboot
3. Parallel hidden work in the session of the active user.
4. Support for settings and browser contents of the active user (cookie, sol, java)
5. Support for client programs such as ICQ messengers, Viber, Jabber clients, Skype, etc.
6. Work on the Internet with IP user
7. Support USB-Flash and network drives
8. Quality and speed settings
9. Domain Account Support
support for windows family systems:
+ win xp home, professional x86
+ win vista starter, home premium, business, ultimate, enterprise x86-64
+ win 7 home basic, home premium, professional, ultimate, enterprise x86-64
+ win 8 pro, enterprise, developer preview, consumer preview, release preview x86-64
+ win 8.1 preview, professional, enterprise x86-64
+ win 10 x86-64

RDP parallel session requires administrator privileges
RDP bypasses NAT


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