BlackNET v1.0.0 Advanced MultiOS BotNET Secure PHP Panel




BlackNET v1.0.0 Advanced MultiOS BotNET + Secure PHP Panel + BlackNET Advanced MultiOS with a Secure PHP Interface Botnet with VB.NET and Python based Stub and VB.NET BuilderAbout BlackNETBlackNET is an advanced botnet with PHP Panel and VB.NET or Python Output for MultiOS HackingWhat You Can DoOn Windows- Upload File- DDOS Attack [ TCP,UDP,ARME,Slowloris ]- Open Webpage- Show MessageBox- Take Screenshot- Steal Firefox Cookies- Steal Saved Passwords- Keylogger- Uninstall Client- Move Client- Blacklist Client- Close ClientOn Linux- Print Simple Message for Client- Open Webpage- Upload File- Simple DDOS Attack- Execute Shell Commands- Uninstall Client- Close Client

v1.0.0+ PHP Panel – Simple Stats – Bugs Fixes – UI Enhancements – Select all button – Map Visualization – Fixed Some Database Issues – New Menu [ Move Client,Execute Shell] – Ability to change admin username – reCAPTCHA Integration – Security Enhancements – Added Security Questions – Updating the Hashing System MD5 to SHA256 – New and Stronger Salt – 2FA Implementation [ Code by Email ] – Secure Reset Password System [ Recover your password if you forget it ] – upload.php to Upload files to the network – PHPMailer Integration with SMTP Settings – Password Stealer Plugin – Better [ Country Code to Country Name ] Function + VB.NET – RSA Encryption for BlackNET Panel URL – Move client to another Host – Take screenshot every 10 seconds – Firefox Cookies Stealer – Keylogger Module – Check Blacklist – Update the junk code – Speed Optimization – Plugin Helper Function – Password Stealer Function – Stealth Mode Function – Bug Fixs + Python – Updated to v1.0.0 – Malware Builder – Execute Shell Commands – Bug fixes ICQ: :


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