Blackout Botnet V2




Blackout Botnet V2

1. Uploade alle Dateien aus diesem Ordner in den Pfad deines BlackOut Botpanels.2. Setze CHMOD 777 f?r die Datei ip.php (Dateiberechtigung).1. Upload all files in this folder to the path of your BlackOut botpanel.2. Set CHMOD 777 for the file ip.php 0a34e53ca751de62bc16da2c0812440e Builder.exef98a46d0d6b6a386e1920cabeef3f7d9 AxInterop.WMPLib.dll55ec056cfeaced0e213961149d766d01 Interop.WMPLib.dllUpload panel to your serverUpload online stats pluginCreate DB using blackout.sqlSet correct settingsCrypt your botfor more help contact me ICQ: : b


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