BlackWorM v6.0




BlackWorM v6.0BlackWorM v6.0 1. Full Data Transfer Encryption using Base642. Modifed Icon Manager3. Modifed Plugin Manager4. Modifed Admin Checker5. Modfied Plugin Invoking6. Modifed Custom Plugin Invoking7. DynuDNS Updater8. NO-IP Automatic Updater9. New About Page10. Stable NexTGen WatchDog11. Add to SchTask12. Hard Install [ Stealth Mode ]13. FileZilla Stealer14. Clean Password Stealer [ Fixes ]15. CPU,FireWall,Client Privileges,MUTEX Information16. File Binder

17. Added More then 100 New Custom Icons18. Modifed Desktop Infection19. New Port Settings20. New MUTEX Format (bWorm[xxxxxx-12345])21. Listview Style22. Remove Empty Subs and Functions23. Process Manager With Cusotm Colors24. Command Shell25. Remote Powershell26. Remote Desktop27. Keylogger Manager28. Military Grade RSA Encryption With 4096bit Encryption Key for the Host and Port29. Stable File Manager With a Downloading Large Files and Arabic Names Support30. Critical Process31. Updating Password Plugin32. Added Produect Serial Stealer33. Service Manger with Full Service Controller34. Startup Manager35. Victim Notification with XtremeRAT Sound36. IP Tracker [ Removed From Dev-Point Version ]37. Infect ZIP & RAR Files [ PoC ] [ Beta UnTested ] [ Dev By Black.Hacker using RAR.exe ]38. Clients Groups [ Single and Multi Manager ]39. Upgrade Software DotNET Framework From 2.0 to 4.034. Small GUI Changes41. Small Fixes to the Socket to be more stable42. Multi Transfer43. Bug FixesICQ: :


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