Bypass UAC & SmartScreen


The best way to bypass SmartScreen and UAC.

Removes unidentified developer warnings, unknown file and “This file downloaded from the internet could be harmful to your computer”pop up on Windows and Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera.


Code Signing to bypass UAC & SmartScreen

Why do I need to sign my files?
Avoid UAC warnings
Pass SmartScreen filter (For EV certs its immediately, For regular certs after they gain a positive rep in SmartScreen)
Pass browser filters like “malicious file” or “not commonly downloaded” (for EV certs – immediately)
Pass some AV filters, which are blocking any unsigned executable
Make your software more trusted

What files can I sign?
– 32 and 64-bit applications .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi and .xap
– Java applications
– Apple applications
– VBA objects, scripts and macros for Microsoft Office .doc, .xls, and .ppt files

Certificate types
– Regular code signing certificate: you’ll get the archive with PFX and a password.
Regular certs should gain a reputation before they pass SmartScreen filter (contact us for details)
– EV Code Signing certificate: you’ll get a USB token with pre-installed certificate via mail or the link to installation page if you have your own hardware token

Advantages of using EV certificate
– EV certificates are the only type that you can use for signing drivers for Win10, see LINK for details
– Immediately removes SmartScreen warnings
– Immediately removes “malicious file” and “not commonly downloaded” browser warnings

Each client gets his own private certificate

Regular Certificate
Regular Certificate certificates must gain a positive reputation to get rid of SmartScreen alerts. To establish a good reputation your signed executable must be downloaded and executed for around 3000 times (Users must have Windows 8.1 or higher) You can use a clean file for this (We can help you with the DLL & RUN)

3 free re-issue if your file becomes detected by AV’s then $30 for each re-issue


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