Citadel (Atmos) Banking trojan




Atmos Banking trojan [Re-uploaded]

– Formgebung/Injections for Firefox/IE (latest version)
– Automatic balances grabber https:// links (multi currency)
– Updated grabber CC algorithm LUHN10
– Updated videologger http/https links with the VP9 codec in .mkv format and flexible settings.
– New VNC technology, full compatible with Win7/8.1(IE,Chrome,FF)
– Backconnect Socks & Command Line(+PowerShell)
– Case-Sensitive Keylogger processes[adinserter block=”1″]

– Instant loading of web injections through the admin panel
– Local WebProxySrv: equivalent to a web server, write/read data in the local storage, and creating backconnect
connection/video at any time, directly from the injections. Execution of your scripts on any website
– Support to inject code into Zeus format+UTF8
– Block/redirect by URL-masks
– Videologger applications
– Integrated port scanner
– Search files by mask (Bitcoin-grabber, exception rules)
– Full set of legacy web features: FTP Iframer, Mailer, Note, Crypts interface, Notes
– Powerful analyzer of behavioral factors, statistics for URL am
– Support to configuration via https://

– Automatic file check using scan4you service
– Screenshots
– Built-in Online Player video files
– Jabber notification according to numerous parameters
Interface to encryption exe.
– GeoIP
– Statistics gathering: set software, browser, screen resolution, version of the antivirus, firewall
– Data-Miner: convenient micro-parser logs
– Adding the additional database when working with logs

jabber: b


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