Cyborg version 3.9.2 Panel




Cyborg version 3.9.2 + Panel + Silent Features: Most advanced remote keyloggerUp-to-date remote password recovery managerUndetected by major antivirus companiesEye friendly log formatUser friendly interfaceCompletely customizableHighly stable and fastSupports manipulation of client’s server fileSeveral add-on featuresDetailed list of features:

Upload methods: SMTP (Email), FTP (Website), PHP (Webpanel)Customizable keystroke log intervalCustom notification messageInformation about computer includedHTML designed logsHot Logs : Record keystrokes on specific windows onlyScreenshot logger with variable image formatsCustomizable screenshot log intervalClipboard text logger with customizable titleCustomizable clipboard log intervalFully loaded password recovery managerCustomizable password recovery log intervalStart logging after windows restartWait for some time before executionBloat file size to your preferred sizeFile assembly information manipulatorRandom assembly information generatorFile binder supporting files of all extensionsProcess mutex to ensure single instance of executionCompletely customizable fake error message optionsMultiple engine antivirus scanner to check detection statusExtension changer and extension spooferClean your computer from Cyborg serversNews system to keep you updated about Cyborg’s happeningsSave and load settings automaticallyProtected using NetSeal licensing system with automatic updates Password Recovery Functions:Browsers:Mozilla FirefoxGoogle ChromeInternet ExplorerSafari for WindowsOpera for Windows

Messengers:BeyluxeIMVUTrillianPaltalkPidginNimbuzzDigsbyMirandaMiscellanious:FilezillaIncredimailNo-IPFTP CommanderInternet Download ManagerDynDNSjDownloaderCD KeysWindows KeyICQ: :


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