Cythosia Botnet v2 [Webpanel Builder]




Cythosia Botnet v2 [Webpanel + Builder]

Main Functions:+ Download & Execute+ UpdateDistributed Denial of Service Functions (DDoS)+ Syn~ 20 Bots can kill little Sites~ Customizeable Port & Strength(Http, Sql, Gameserver)+ UDP~ Perform attacks on homeconnections~ Highly customizeable+ HTTP~ Multithreaded GET Requests – Generates Traffic as hell~ Keeps GET Requests open

Socks5 Proxy+ Opens Port with UPnP if router supports it+ Redirects all TCP requests multithreaded -> very good speed+ Configureable Username and PasswordControl Panel+ Nice looking Ajax Panel+ Hardcoded Password -> secure+ Taskmanagement System+ Export Online SOCKS5 LISTICQ: :


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