Darktrack Alien 4.1




Darktrack Alien 4.1Darktrack Alien is a Professional and free remote solution packed with tons of features and its coded in Delphi

Main Features- Connection Manager- Offline Client Viewer- Thumbnail Desktop Viewer- Broadcast Command Sender- OnConnect Command Editor (on first execution)- Socket Actions List (For All commands)- Maps Viewer (Multiple Location Viewer on Google Maps)- Bug Reporter- Auto Updater (Version detector)Main Tabs Features- Connection Logs- Network Stress Tester Tools (Http, UDP flooder)- StatisticsSurveillance Features- Remote Desktop (Live and control with keyboard and mouse)- Record Desktop (Remote Desktop Video Recorder on avi format.)- Webcam Streaming (Live)- Record Webcam (Remote Webcam Video Recorder on avi format.)- Microphone Capture- Audio Recorder- Keylogger (Online and Offline mode)- Password Recovery (All versions of Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex, Comodo Dragon, Outlook, File Zilla)- Download Executer (From web)- Upload Executer (From Local)- Remote Shell (Command Prompt)Management Features- File Manager (Download, Upload, Delete, Create etc.)- File Search- Text Files Preview- Image Files Thumbnail Viewer- Registry Editor (Regedit)- Process Manager (Task Manager)- Services Manager- Windows Manager (+Print Window Image)- Application Manager- Startup Manager- Clipboard Manager (Files and Contents)Editor Features- Hosts File Editor- Fake Message Viewer- Script Executer (vbs, bat, html)Network Manager- Net Shares Viewer- Lan Computer Scanner- Port Scanner- Network SnifferInformations- System Monitor (CPU, DDR Monitoring)- System Privileges ListMiscellaneous- Key Sender (to all windows or applications)- Text to Speech- Print FileCommunications- User ChatSkype Manager- Contact List Viewer- User Selector- Transfer Viewer (Files)- Conversations (All users)Power options- Restart Computer- Sleep- Shut down- Log Off- LockLogs- User NotesOther Features- Open Web Page- Task Scheduler- Command Executer- Fun MenuServer options- Restart- Close- Uninstall- Update (From web or Local Computer)- Share Serverfor more help contact me
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