Greame RAT v1.5




Greame RAT v1.5This is a tool that allow you to control your computer from anywhere in world.With full support to Delphi language, you will never have problem using this software.Here you can find new updates, informations and s about this software.

The software respects your privacy. It will not collect or capture any information from your computer and yourlocation will remain unknown. You and your computer will remain completely anonymous.The remote user doesn’t need special knowledge to establish a connection between you and your SERVER. He simply executes a small executable and he will appear automatically in your user list (if correctly setup). you just need to know how to forward ports.Since Greame RAT V1.0 Beta, the multithreading technology is fully incorperated. You can control multiple users at the same time, viewing the webcam and the desktop simultaneously, and still be able to manage and/or download files. All tasks are done asynchronimous so you will never be blocked by the hundreds of possibilities offered by this free software.Available functions:Client Options- Change the interface (skins)- Dektop, Webcam an Audio Start Auto…- and more…Server Options- Uninstall- Disconnect- Update and more…Extra options- Passwords (Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, MSN, and others)- Open website- Run commands- Send files and run- Download and run- Proxy (http and https)- and more…File Manager- List files (with information on each)- Preview image- Set wallpaper- Search files on your computer- and more…Process Manager- List active processes (with information on each)- Kill or pause processes- and more…Window Manager- List active windows (with information on each)- Close, minimize, restore, change window title- and more…Services Manager- List installed services (with information on each)- Install- Uninstall- and more…Registry Manager- Works as Windows Regedit- Delete keys- Create keys- Manage StartUp programs- and more…Clipboard Manager- Manages the contents of the clipboard (text and files) of the computer (Ctrl + C)Devices list- Shows all devices available on the computerActive ports- List active connections (with information on each)- Kill connections- and more…Command Prompt- Works like DOS windowsMiscellaneous- Restart, Shutdown and Log Off Windows- Open and close CD / DVD- Pause mouse- and more…CHAT- Talk directly to another computerMSN- Change MSN status…And more, more, more…strictly order use only in rdp or vmware workstation or use sandboxie for safetyfor more help contact me ICQ:


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