HawkEye Keylogger




HawkEye Keylogger HawkEye collects the following system information that it then sends to the attacker to notify them that the program has successfully been executed on target computers:• Computer name• Installed antivirus and firewall products• Internal and external IP addresses• OS HawkEye can also be set to terminate the following Microsoft Windows® programs when executed to evade detection and removal:• Command Prompt• Registry EditorSystem Configuration• Task Manager

To recover passwords from email clients and Web browsers, HawkEye executes NirSoft applications such as Mail PassView[3] and WebBrowserPassView[4]. It also has other notable features such as: • Deletes cookies• Denies access to certain websites• Displays an error message upon execution• Downloads and executes files• Forces computers to log in to Steam™• Retrieves most recent Minecraft log-in file• Spreads via removable drive• Steals Bitcoin walletsICQ: :


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