Java Crypter


Protect your .jar files with JavaCrypter

There is a huge demand in the software market for an integrated data protection tool. In order to address that need, we provide you Java Crypter.
By being one of the few crypters that perform Java encryption, Java Crypter has earned its place among the elite of its kind. What makes our Java Crypter unique is that it encrypts Java-based programs (JAR files). That means we now offer you the solution to the problem of protecting your Java programs. Java Crypter, the top choice of Java programmers around the globe.


Registry and additional StartUp

Startup and installation feature to make sure your files run after a system reboot. Moreover, persistence and process protection so that it never stops running.

Code Scrambling/Adding Scrap code

Achieve full encryption of your files by using the methods of code scrambling and adding scrap code.


After going through a long period of testing processes, Java Crypter has proven to be compatible with most of the programs.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team is 24/7/365 available to help you with any questions about Java Crypter.


Our Java Crypter is fully customizable. Thus, you can make it work however it better meets your needs.

Strings Encryption

On the top of all that, Java Crypter allows you to encrypt strings and files with the use of a randomly generated algorithm.


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JavaCrypter is a unique type of FUD crypter that will FUD and protect your files using private encryption and obfuscation methods. JavaCrypter Ensures maximum security from antivirus detections. File Compatibility Without Dependencies
Supports x86 & x64
Small stub size
Supports Most Java Applications
Quick And Automatic Undetection Updates
Every file crypted with JavaCrypter uses a combination of encryption and obfuscation to ensure maximum FUD and protection.


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