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JPS Virus MakerThis is a small but very useful software . With the help of this you can create any type of trojans and program it to do whatever you want.This can be programmed to do the following things:Disable Registry EditorDisable Ms ConfigDisable Task ManagerDisable Yahoo! MessengerDisable Media PlayerDisable Internet ExplorerDisable TimeDisable Group PolicyDisable Windows ExplorerDisable Norton AntivirusDisable McAfee AntivirusDisable Note PadDisable Word PadDisable Winows

Disable DHCP Client ServiceDisable TaskbarDisable Start ButtonDisable MSN MessengerDisable Command PromptDisable Security CenterDisable MSN MessengerDisable System RestoreDisable Control PanelDisable Desktop IconsDisable Screen SaverHide Service ManagerHide Outlook ExpressHide Windows ClockHide Desktop IconsHide All Process in Task ManagerHide All Tasks in Task ManagerHide Run in Start MenuChange Explorer CaptionClear Windows XP PasswordSwap Mouse ButtonsRemove Folder OptionsLock Mouse & KeyboardsMute SoundCrazy MouseAllways CD-ROM OpenTurn Off Monitor (30 sec’s)Destroy TaskbarDestroy Offlines (Y!Messenger)Destroy Protected StrorageDestroy Audio ServiceDestroy ClipboardTerminate WindowsHide CursorAuto StartupRestart-Logoff-Turnoff-Hibrinate Automatic After 30 minutesChange Server Name After Install in ProcessChange Server Name————————————-New Fetures in Version 3.0: Change XP PasswordChange Computer NameChange IE Home PageClose Custom WindowsDisable Custom ServiceDisable ProcessOpen Custom WebsiteRun Custom CommandEnable Convert To Worm – Auto Copy Server To Active Path With Custom Name & Time Change Custom Icon For your created Virus (15 Icons) Note : THIS IS A VIRUS MAKING SOFTWARE SO SOME ANTIVIRUS MAY DETECT IS AS A VIRUS BUT ACTUALLY IT IS NOT A VIRUS SEE THE PIC FOR PROOF.. AND DON”T TRY TO OPEN THE CREATED VIRUS ON YOUR OWN COMP.for more help contact meICQ: :


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