Lizard Rat Source Code | 36 kb Stub




Lizard Rat Source Code | 36 kb Stub

lizard software is here to present you a new software lizard rat has small size of 36kb its has been testedserverls times so you wont find problems with it lizard rat is extremly fast you wont need to wait a lofe time for execute only the command currently lizard rat is in a beta state as many features still need to be added cureently lizard rat has a ddos feature and some others features check them out below the stub has a 2.0 net dependecy and itscoded in vb.netFeaturesDDOSGEOIPAdvanced builderin built scannersexy GUIremote desktopfile manageprocess manageremote cmdservice manager get pc informationpassword recoverythumbnailsfor more help contact meICQ: :


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