loki botnet 1.8




loki botnet 1.8 Loki Bot – Resident Loader and Password Stealer Loki Bot is resident loader and password stealer. It comes with wallet checker (coin inspector, read below). It can steal passwords from browsers, ftp/ssh, e-mail and poker clients. Written in C++. Works on Windows 2003, 2008, 2012, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Linux. UAC bypass.

Loader features:- Startup (resident loader)- Download & Run (exe | dll)- Download & Drop- Update bot- Uninstall bot- Get password from bot per request- Geotargetting, load to selected country- Set reconnect interval- Get screenshotSupported Browsers:- Internet Explorer- Mozilla Firefox (x32+x64)- Google Chrome- K-Meleon- Comodo Dragon- Comodo IceDragon- SeaMonkey- Opera- Safari- CoolNovo- Rambler Nichrome- RockMelt- Baidu Spark- Chromium- Titan Browser- Torch Browser- Yandex.Browser- Epic Privacy Browser- Sleipnir Browser- Vivaldi- Coowon Browser- Superbird Browser- Chromodo Browser- Mustan Browser- 360 Browser- Cyberfox (x32+x64)- Pale Moon- Maxthon browser- Citrio Browser- Chrome Canary- Waterfox- Orbitum- IridiumSupported FTP/VNC clients:- Total Commander- FlashFXP- FileZilla- FAR Manager- CyberDuck- Bitvise- NovaFTP- NetDrive- NppFTP- FTPShell- SherrodFTP- MyFTP- FTPBox- FtpInfo- Lines FTP- FullSync- Nexus File- JaSFtp- FTP Now- Xftp- Easy FTP- GoFTP- NETFile- Blaze Ftp- Staff-FTP- DeluxeFTP- ALFTP- FTPGetter- WS_FTP- AbleFTp- Automize- RealVNC- TightVNC- Syncovery- mSecure Wallet- SmartFTP- FreshFTP- BitKinex- UltraFXP- FTP Rush- Vandyk SecureFX- OdinSecure FTP Expert- Fling- ClassicFTP- Maxthon browser- Kitty(login+private key)- WinSCP- Remmina RDP- WinFTP- 32Bit FTP- FTP NavigatorSupported E-mail clients:- Outlook (2003-2016)- Mozilla Thunderbird- Foxmail- Pocomail- Incredimail- Gmail Notifier Pro- SNetz Mailer- Checkmail- Opera Mail- FossaMail- MailSpeaker- yMailSupported IM clients:- PidginPassword managers:- EnPass- KeePass- 1Password- AI RoboFormICQ: :


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