Lost Door E-Lite v9.1




Lost¬Door E-Lite v9.1 Whats New : ———–

[+] Cleanner & Freindly intarface [+] Reported Bugs were Fixed [+] Minimize the client is now available (Send to tray) [+] Start Up way Chnaged and crypted [+] Codes Updated, Some Replaced By APi’s [+] Data exchange is Encrypted [+] Regrouped essentiel Function altogether in the Main Form [+] Server Size Reduiced to 46.5 KO [+] Web Browser Removed Fix the error message (Suscript out of range) [+] Fast Settings For server Building (Prefix Settings for Begginers) [+] Stream Webcam ( Fast View) [+] Upload Fixed for more help contact me ICQ: : b


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