NjRat 0.7d Golden Edition




NjRat 0.7d Golden EditionHello guys give you Njrat 7 enhanced program fully characteristics and the reforms that have been added:

– has been improved desktop imaging – has been challenged Plogn pull Albaswordat – were added to bring the anti Alantveros name – the property has been added to open a Web page in the victim’s property device ————————————————– ————————— – has added fun feature to play the victim by: – open / close CD – Turn on / off Monitor – heart buttons mouse control – change the desktop background – converting text to voice – Adhar scary pages – reboot / extinguish the victim’s computer – hide / show taskbar – msgbox send messages in various forms —————- ————————————————– ————— – was renovated Alsuchit key – have been challenged Plogn chat – property send Plguin send plugins and injected into the victim’s computer memory – Anti property Process prevent the victim from the operation of communications monitoring and control programs -albrosis metal processing hacker program – it was rebuilt and became fully Kilogr record everything ICQ: : b


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