Orcus RAT




Orcus RAT ClientCONTROL:Basic information about the client (operating system, language, privileges, path, ip address, Uninstall, Kill, Make AdminCommands?Config?Plugins?REVERSE PROXYUse the client’s internet connection as a proxyINFORMATIONActive ConnectionsShow all UDP/TCP connections of the client’s pcShow the process which opened the connectionComputerGet a lot of information about the client’s pcCategories: Operating System, System, Bios, Hardware (Processor, Videocard), Software, Network (local addresses, geo location data), DrivesPasswordsRecover passwords from famous applications (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, FileZilla, Internet Explorer, JDownloader, Opera, Thunderbird, WinSCP, Pidgin, .)Recover cookies from webbrowsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex)PerformanceFUN:

AudioCommonShow/Hide taskbarShow/Hide desktopShow/Hide clockSwap/Restore mouse buttonsEnable/Disable taskmanagerBlock user inputHold mouseOpen website multiple timesChange desktop wallpaperTurn monitor offTrigger bluescreenHang systemShutdown/Log off/Restart computerRotate monitorSYSTEM:ConsoleDevice Manager?Drivers configEvent LogFile Explorer?ProgramsRegistry?Startup Manager?System Restore?Task-Manager?Volume Control?Window Manager?Windows Customizer?Surveillance :Live Keylogger?Remote Desktop?WebcamICQ: :


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