Plasma HTTP 1.1 | Ddos | AV-Killer | Miner | Torrent Seeder | BotKiller | Builder




Plasma HTTP 1.1 | Ddos | AV-Killer | Miner | Torrent Seeder | BotKiller | BuilderThe Plasma HTTP bot malicious commands:Firmly established, stable base that is unlikely to fail in any environment.Full Support for Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 and 10 and 8 32-bit and 64-bit, as well as their server counterpartsAdvanced Crypto Currency miner, completely undetected, supports various crypto currencies.Powerful Bot Killer; able to remove: Athena, Andromeda, Insomnia, ZeuS/SpyEye/Ice9 variants, Smoke and more.Update Gate URL (Panel bot connects to) remotelyAV Killer, greatly increase lifespan of your bots

Removes other RATs and Bots running on the system using the Bot Killer.Process, File, and Registry Persistence. (Anti-Bot Killer)Proactive Bot Killer, able to stop the installation of other bots and RATs. The Proactive Bot Killer is also able to block the installation of antivirus software.Enables “Hide protected operating system files”, Disables System Restore.Panel Features:Easy to navigate, clean and attractive user interface.Retrieves Bots IP data and gets bots GeolocationStores Bots Operating System, bit version, CPU, GPU, antivirus, privileges, PC Name, and machine name.Allows you to have a unlimited amount of active commands at once. You can delete any command at any time.Logs bots Chrome Passwords and FileZila PasswordsDDoSSlowlorisUDPArmeHTTP PostHTTP GetCondisBwFloodStop DDosMinerCPUGPUBotDownloadUpdateUninstallUpdate GateBotkillerRun Bot Killer ModuleRun Hard Bot Killer ModuleEnable Proactive Bot KillerDisable Proactive Bot KillerMiscHostsShellVisit HiddenVisit VisibleTorrent Seeder? PlasmaHTTP Commands:? Bot General:? ? ? Download and Execute File? ? ? Update? ? ? Uninstall? ? ? Update Gate URL? DDoS:? ? ? UDP? ? ? Rapid Connect/Disconnect? ? ? HTTP GET? ? ? HTTP POST? ? ? Slowloris? ? ? Apache Remote Memory Exhaustion (ARME)? ? ? Bandwidth Flood? Bot Killer? ? ? Run Bot Killer Module? ? ? Run Hard Bot Killer Module? ? ? Enable Proactive Bot Killer? ? ? Disable Proactive Bot Killer? Miner? ? ? Start Miner? ? ? Stop Miner? MiscellaneousOpen Website (Hidden/Visible)Edit HOSTS FileExecute Shell Commandfor more help contact meICQ:


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