Predator Pain v13 Keylogger




Predator Pain v13 Keylogger + You do not need to Port forward or anything for this method. This works on all windows. If the program crashes using build, Then you need to install Microsoft Net framework 4.0+ . KL’s are much easier to do but give much less functionality than a RAT.Support PHP PanelFtpEmailStealrsMinecrafbitcoin walletrunescape pinsrsbot recoveryepic bot recoveryrarebot recoveryIMVUNO IPAIMPidginTrillian FilezilaSysytem infoIDM

PaltalNimbuzzDyDNSJdownloaderFlash XPCore ftpSmart ftpwin keyFirefoxChromeOperaSafarInternet exploreroutlookcd keys Ftp CommanderKeylogginsClear SteamMeltUsb SpreadP2p SpreadAdd start upClipboard logginScreen shotClear dataDisable cmddisable regeditdisable msconfigdisable task managerRun email confirmationdelay executionmulti downloaderurl visitorFile clonericon support2: Fill your account username and password3: Change the SMPT to the one i have on, Do not mess with the port.4: Set your time interval to how much time after you want the logs ( Recommended to make a long time for more results )ICQ: :


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