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Rat Collection

a huge collection rat for all kind of computer and android [SRC] BIODOX[SRC] Zombie SlayerAndroRATBabylon + SourceBeast 2.06Blackshades 5.4 PrivateBlackshades Public EditionBlackshades v 5.4 PrivateBlizzard 1.2BlueBananabRAT + SourcebRATCybergate 1.8Dark Comet 4.0Dark Comet 5.1Dark ComDark Comet 5.3et 5.3DarkComet LegacyDarkMoon 4.11Dendroid + SourceDroidJack 3.0DroidJack 3.3DroidJack 4.0GklspyjRatjSpyKazyBot 1.0 LiteKiler 10.0Loki RatLost Door 2.2 PublicMiniMo 0.7a Public LiteMLRAT + SourceNjRAT 0.7

NovaLite v3.0Nuclear 2.1.0Optix 1.33Optix 1.33Paradox RATPoison Ivy 1.0Bifrost 1.2.1dPoison Ivy 2.3.2pupy-masterQuasar 1.1 + SourceSharK 3.0Snowdoor V2.3Spycronic 1.02.1SpyNet 0.7 PublicSpyNet v2.6Sub-7 0.10Tiny 0.2Turkojan 4.0 GoldxRAT 2.0Xtreme Rat v2.7XtremeRat 3.5Y3kZeroRemoteICQ: :


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