RDP Brute ( by Arman)




RDP Brute ( by Arman)

[+] It uses the RDP protocol bug, which allows you to rebuild even if the Active Directory domain is unknown![+] Works across the entire line, from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 / Windows Server 2012 r2.[+] Bruteforce RDP (dedikov) by IP address ranges.[+] Brutfors RDP (dedikov) on the list of IP addresses.[+] Bruteforce for Logins and Passwords, or for the list Login; Password.[+] Automatically removes duplicate logins passwords.[+] Multithreading.[+] Ability to set a timeout.[+] Ability to select a port.[+] Ability to disable brute Windows XP-2003. This makes it possible to increase the productivity of the brutus and the purity of the hoods (many XP-2003 are killed by shkolota and Dubrut).[+] High speed. RDP is implemented from scratch, without using ActiveX controls, third-party libraries, etc.[+] Support for the following tags:% username%,% Username%,% USERNAME%,% EMANRESU%,% Emanresu%,% emanresu% and their variations, example:% username% 123[+] Everything is implemented in a few clicks, as automated as possible.[+] RDP Recognizer (real logins recognizer on RDP servers) comes bundled with a brute.[+] And much more. Look at the screenshots, it is possible to determine the rest of the functionality. ICQ: : b


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