Revenge RAT V 0.2




Revenge RAT V 0.2 + Revenge-Rat 0.2 is a program with automatic, hidden installation, used to remotely control computers and covertly monitor users of captured systems.Functional:- Obtaining various information about the remote system;- Display of running processes, installed programs, startup;- Built-in file manager with which you can steal files from a remote machine or vice versa upload your files there;- Remote desktop management;

– Surveillance through a web-camera, wiretapping of the premises through a microphone;- Built-in keylogger with clipboard capture and password styler;- Editing the hosts file (you can redirect the victim to fake sites);- A file loader with the Trojan update function, as well as downloading and launching additional software;- Remote access to the command line and much more.ICQ: :


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