RoarBomber – Mass Mailer


RoarBomber is an automatic software and the ultimate tool for your email marketing needs.


If you have a business that requires contacting large numbers of clients and customers or other contacts, a bulk email software like RoarBomber will save you lots of time!

Email Marketing is spreading around the whole world because of its high effectiveness, speed and low cost. If you want to introduce and sell your product or service, the best way is to use e-mail to contact your targeted customer. Targeted e-mail is no doubt very effective. If you can introduce your product or service through email directly to the customers who are interested in them, this will bring your business a better chance of success.

RoarBomber has created the ultimate tool for all of your email marketing needs. RoarBomber is a bulk emailer that allows you to design and send professional looking emails to your customers and prospects for as little as fractions of a penny, directly from your own desktop.

Here is a breakthrough tool from RoarBomber that will allow you to increase your profits, strengthen your customer service and send your messages to new markets. You’ll be able to reach everyone in your database without worrying about integration or compatibility issues.

RoarBomber is a full-featured bulk emailer and mail-merge tool for Macintosh and Windows that allows you to send out customized press releases, prices lists and any kind of text or HTML documents to your customers. RoarBomber Mailer is fast, fully customizable and very easy to use. RoarBomber Mailer handles plain text, HTML and styled text documents and gives full support for attachments.

With RoarBomber you will create, manage and send your own powerful, personalized marketing message to your customers and potential customers. RoarBomber is a software tool that you purchase once, no need to pay on a per-email basis to submission services.

Now your promotional messages will jump off the screen with HTML mail! RoarBomber HTML allows you to include graphics, fonts and colors turning your messages into professional online brochures.


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