Router Scan v2.60




Router Scan v2.60

Compatible with Windows7: full System requirements: OS: WINDOWS Language: English only Tabletka: Not required Description: Router Scan can find and identify various devices from a large number of known routers / routers and, most importantly, to extract useful information from them, in particular, the characteristics of the wireless network: the way to protect the access point (encryption), the name of the access point (SSID) and the access point key (passphrase). Also gets information about the WAN connection (convenient when scanning the local network) and displays the brand and model of the router. Extras. Information: Works without installation on the computer. Version 2 1. Added models of routers: (see the documentation for full list)2. Updated the parsers: (see the documentation for full list) 3. Added ability to set the table of successful results (selection by successful authorization, wireless or wired devices, and additional information) 4. Added generation mode selection: off, automatic, or always on (automatic mode checks for delays and can disable generation when resources are used intensively) 5. Fixed a bug of line transfer when copying information about the device 6. The editor of the ranges is now a mind em remove IP address from URL 7. Improved loading of program settings – if there are no configuration files they will be created with default parameters8. Fewer reclaimed streams were disinfected by timeout or forced stop 9. Added the ability to exclude specific IP addresses from ports from scanning 10. Now you can select all records in the selected table at once by pressing Ctrl + A 11. Added support for downloading found access points to the 3WiFi database 12. The UTF-8 coding bug has been fixed while exporting reports 13. The HNAP module will now skip the verification if the main module has successfully received all the information (for forced verification of the HNAP vulnerability, disable the main module) 14. Fixed a hangup error when you frequently click on the scan pause15. The number of active threads in the status bar is now displayed in two numbers – the active threads of the port scanner and the handler 16. HTTP Referer type headers are now sent automatically 17. The import bug of the last column of the CSV has been fixed 18. The debug function of TCP packets is added 19. The D -Link DAP-1360 to bypass authorization and obtain administrator password 20. Updated authorization dictionaries 21. Reports in TXT and CSV formats now support only UTF-8 encoding (export / import) 22. The position and dimensions of the window are now saved in the mood kah 23. Fixed change interval to automatically save the results in the settings24. Added MicroSl (Sagemcom) exploit for obtaining administrator password ( Exploit ) 25. Fixed bug of importing CSV with double quotes at the end of field 26. Added exploit for ASUS Boa ADSL (service account)

27. Tabs are now filtered when entering ranges 28. WPS PIN Companion can now import the BSSID list from the JumpStart Wireless program (also known as TP-LINK QSS) 29. Fixed bug in checking IP exceptions from scanning 30. Improved utilization and utilization of scan streams, now the program consumes less system resources 31. Has changed set of provided API LibRouter, when using the library in their applications, see the updates in the manual32. Port 4343 has been added to the list of HTTPS ports 33. An exploit has been added to get the administrator’s name and password on Realtek eCos Webs 34 devices. An exploit was added to get the administrator’s name and password on the D-Link COMM 35 firmware . A bug of automatic setting of the definition page for the primary redirecting 36. Added to import reports by adding them to the existing data in table 37. The ability to set a comment for multiple lines at once 38. The ability to delete rows in the master table and Res Search ltatah 39. When you stop the flow of all open connections are automatically terminate them40. When Watchdog is enabled, the IP address will be logged during the scan of which there were problems with connection 41. Now in the band editor you can double-click the problem line by mistake. 42. An exploit was added to get data from some NETGEAR access points without authorization. 43. An exploit was added to get the name and password of some D-Link access points without authorization 44. A bug was fixed in the HTTP client when processing redirection to HTTPS 45. Added licensing agreement and improved documentation for ICQ: :


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