Silent Word Exploit CVE-2017-8759




Silent Word Exploit CVE-2017-8759The exploit allows you to convert you’re .exe to a real .doc file.This exploit is compatible with Microsoft Office Word 2007 up to 2016 and Windows Vista to Windows 10 32×64 bitDemoCVE-2017-8759 & CVE-2017-0199StableWorks on x32 & 64 bitMonthly 10 to 15 updatesSmall StubSupports .exe & .dllPython BuilderDocument is EditableCan be attached in any email providerLive & Ticketing SupportWhy do you need an Office Exploit?To convert your .exe into a real .doc file this way you will be able to attach it on any email provider and your clients can easily access the .doc file which will run the .exe fileBuy Now


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