SpyEye Botnet All modules Collector Panel Bc




SpyEye Botnet+ All modules + Collector + Panel + BcSpyEye version 1.3.48 is private and more updatedSpyEye version 1.3.48 is private and more updated, this version will work and inject Firefox 13 (latest) and Internet Explorer 9 (Latest)Need get full installation and your binary for spreding, you also have discounts on new injects and one free re installationOnce victim is infected, bot will inject fake browser content inside website like a form, once they fill in the form you get their dataFormgrabber is unique spyeye feature that allows you to steal form post data like VBV or MasterCard 3D passwords, as well as liberty reserve pins and login)

This includes all the newest software for:[+] Admin Panel[+] Formgrabber Panel[+] Gate Installer[+] Back Connect[+] Collector[+] Anti-Rapport (Anti-Thrusteer)Injection types:[+] Internet Explorer[+] FireFox[+] Google Chrome[+] OperaPlugins:[+] Custom Connector (to avoid that your admin panel is being tracked by Spyeyetracker)[+] Webfakes[+] RDP [+] DDOS

[+] Block[+] Billinghammer[+] USB-Spread[+] Socks5 Back Connect[+] FTP Back Connect[+] Bugreport[+] CC-Grabber or[+] Creditgrabber[+] FFcertificate grabber[+] SpySpreadICQ: :


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