Tiger Youtube Bot




Tiger Youtube Bot 1-AccountCreator *PVA ACCOUNTS (2 METHODE )

*Account Creator by email yahoo beta (will be more fast with time) *Account Creator By email (Support death by captcha +proxy + account created with channel + avatar 1 min = 4 account) 2-Account Checker ( you can check FAST if account GOOD ,DEAD,WRONG PASSWORD, NO CHANNEL) 3-Avatar Uploader (upload avatar to your accounts) 4-channel commenter 5-Channel creator(create channel to accounts whithout channel) 6-Comment Grabber (grab comments from video or channel) 7-Comment rater *Comment Rater fast *comment rater slow 8-Friend adder add friend to your channel 9-get user info 10-get video info 11-imageScaper(scrap image from youtube) 12-increase view bot have 9 different browser + refered from different site you import proxies and put your video + edit settings like refresh every 15 s, 30 s, 1s change proxy after 3 refresh 4 refresh how much u need view ….. this method work or not ? is not 100% work is hard u need good proxie +good internet speed and some time work some not i tell that for everyone need to buy bot only for view tools 13-mp3 ripper (convert video youtube to mp3) 14-change password of accounts 15-username tools(username creator ,username checker) 16-Userscraper 17-Searcher 18-Video Downloader 19–YOUTUBE BOT (Like dislike comment favorites subscribe unsubescribe flag ) 4 bot (hot): *YOUTUBE BOT API 1(support proxy) *YOUTUBE BOT API 2 *BROWSER BOT(support proxy) *Webrequest bot(support proxy) 20-team view support 21-update every sunday 22-good protection 23-mass Uplaoder 24-Api kEY MAKER 25-Browser 26-prxie tools (proxy grabber+proxy checker+proxy binder) what coming soon? 1-message sender 2-many tools will be more fast 3-new method for increase view ICQ: : b


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