Umbrella Project 2012 Hacktools Ultra




Umbrella Project 2012 Hacktools UltraA huge collection of necessary programs conveniently equipped in one ..

What is included in the program:Here’s what this tool has Evilgrin : 1.Web Scannersa) RFI Scannerb) LFI Scannerc) SQLi Scannerd) Log Scannere) Xss Scannerf) Google Scannerh) Joomla and WordPress Scanner2.IP Reverse3. Deface Mass Savera) Zone-h deface saverb) IMT deface saver4. MD5 Hash Crackera) Online MD5 Hash Cracker (49 Sites)b) Manuel MD5 Hash Cracker5. Admin Finder6.Exploit Finder7. Brute Force

a) Joomla Brute Forceb) WordPress Brute Forcec) FTP Brute Force8.Proxya) Online proxy grabberb) Auto Clicker with proxy9. Coding/Decodinga) Base 64 Code/Decodeb) Md5 Creatorc) Other Pass Creators10.Other Toolsa) Online File virus Scanb) Cloud Flare IP Resolverc) Manuel Script RFI Scannerd) Shell Control and moreICQ: :


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