WebMonitor RAT *NEW* Multi-OS



WebMonitor provides a set of forensics-related features ranging from raw hard drive operations to dumping physical RAM.

Web monitor doesn’t require any complicated installations and was designed to provide solutions ranging from parental controls to complex forensics, meaning you have complete visibility of what happening on your system.

With multiple built-in features, WebMonitor is built to provide you with the best user experience while ensuring stability and functionality.

All that, and much more, all made possible through an interactive web-based interface.


Stability: With careful consideration being given to your satisfaction, this product is made to be extremely stable.

No Portforwarding: Gone are the days of the hassle of port-forwarding. You don’t need to forward any port.

Forensics: You get access to all the hard drive operations as well as the physical RAM dump.

Credentials: With support for all popular browsers, IM and mail clients as well as multiple software you will get the info you need.

Cross-Platform: WebMonitor’s interface is built to run perfectly on Windows, Linux, Mac & Google OS.

Complete Control: With WebMonitor, rest assured that you are the one in control of all information, and not vice-versa.


Premium, Professional


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This is a fully native RAT, meaning it will run on ALL Windows versions and languages starting from Windows XP and up, and perfectly compatible with all crypters and protectors. You will also receive free access to our VPN servers. Privacy is our priority, so no logs are saved on our servers. No software needed to be downloaded. Everything is done from the web browser using your PC, Phone or Tablet, meaning you can do this anywhere, even while on 3G, 4G or WiFI anywhere you are.


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