xDedic IP Scanner




xDedic IP ScannerThe ability to scan directly to multiple ports or a range of ports

Functional:Scan ranges, in the CIDR format and in the standard, i.e. understands both and load of country rangesAbility to write to the file as simple ip address, and type with port type (put the checkbox Write port)The ability to automatically shuffle the lines in the scanned file, the function is often needed by brouters, so that they do not go in a row (put a checkmark Shuffle)Turbo mode. Increases the scanning speed by 3-5 times, but the accuracy decreases. Use the turbo mode only on a good channel, because will miss many portsRequirements:Availability WinPcap driver in the system.Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 (x86) in the system – download100Mbit 1Gbit 10Gbit FullDuplex network connection (speed does not matter, because the bandwidth of packets is regulated by the provider)Windows 7 and aboveICQ: :


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